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The Top 6 Misconceptions People Have About Buying a Car

There are lots of things we regard as common wisdom that really aren’t so. For example, there’s a common expression that lightning never strikes the same place twice. In reality, lightning tends to strike...

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How To Pick The Right Car Seats

If you think about the number of hours you spend in a car, you’re really going to want to invest in nice seats. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Health Watch, Americans on an average drive...

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Can You Trust a Car Salesperson?

Let’s face it: most people aren’t inclined to trust any salesperson at first glance, let alone a car salesperson. From media depictions in TV shows and movies to urban legends, car...

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5 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

No one ever plans to get into a car accident. That’s why they’re called accidents. Statistics show that 6 million car accidents occur in the United States every year. And of those accidents, 3...

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Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy a Car

Have you been waiting for the best time to buy your new car? Consider picking one up this Fall season. While every month of the year has its unique advantages for car buyers, Fall is great for...

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