How to Protect Your Car in a Hail Storm in Albuquerque, NW

How to Protect Your Car in a Hail Storm

Ellis Hill's Blog | How to Protect Your Car in a Hail Storm

Tis the season for hurricanes and their spin-off storms. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you could potentially experience many levels of this weather season. Some of these storms create severe storms, flooding, tornados, and hailstorms. Although fascinating, hail storms don't usually get scary unless they are the size of golf balls. With hurricane season upon us, we are already starting to see potential hail storms strike up across the country.
For the most part, the pieces of hail that fall from the sky are small enough that they do not feel like a threat, especially when we are undercover, like in our vehicle. However, no matter its size, hail can be treacherous for driving and can cause damage to your vehicle, even more so while driving. So, if you ever get caught in a hailstorm, the best thing to do is to pull over and try to find cover. If you can find an underpass or garage to safely pull under, that is your best bet.
Hail is a force to be reckoned with and can fall from the sky with resounding strength. Driving multiplies the impact hail has on your vehicle, increasing the likelihood of a cracked windshield or broken windows. It is best to not drive while it is hailing outside. Besides the physical damage, it can do to your car, it too can become simply dangerous to drive under these conditions.
If you are in the market for a pre-owned car, be on the lookout for cars that have been impacted by hail storms. Dealers will reduce prices to move them off their lots. If you don’t mind a little cosmetic indentation, you might score a great deal.

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